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National Council of Industry

The National Council of Industry (CNI) informs and advises the public authorities on the challenges facing industry in France, including the ecological and digital transition, reindustrialization and the country's resilience. The Executive Committee of the CNI, chaired by the Prime Minister, determines the strategic orientations and directions that the CSFN implements.

National Council of the Industry

Tripartite organisation

The CSFN has a board with a tripartite configuration composed of the French State (Ministry of Energy Transition - Ministry of Economy and Finance), industrialists, and social partners such as trade unions, regional associations of providers. This organization gives a complete representativeness to deal with strategic issues of the sector. The Committee meets several times a year to validate the action plans on the main axis and to monitor their progress.

Anthony Micallef_Centraco Cyclife industrial site, global waste management service, Gard, France
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Strategic orientations

The CSFN relies on existing organizations (GIFEN, UMN, Nuclear Valley) to define the strategic orientations of the French nuclear industry and to steer the actions agreed upon in the framework of the industry contract and the rider. There are five main strategic orientations: employment, skills, and training ; digital transformation ; R&D and ecological transition ; international development ; strengthening solidarity within the sector with SMEs and large companies.

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